Complaint 43.7

House Style
by Tate Hughes

the house style is to capitalize the I in
Internet and put a little dash between the
e and mail in e-mail and write mobile rather
than cell when referring to all cellphone
numbers and it is like this because it has been
like this for over 20 years now because

the house style is to use semi-colons instead
of em dashes; this is the house style
because an editor who has never owned a
house decided it would be so, and so

the house style has become a little collection
of anachronisms that had a purpose once when the
New Poets were still new and the Language Poets
were fighting but now even tumblr is passé and
the house style? the house style is someone else’s trash

Tate Hughes is a writer from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay.

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