Winter Break

This year has kicked my ass, is still kicking it. Good things. Bad things. Most of all: responsibilities and bills and to-do lists that get longer by the hour.

Fear not, the Bureau will be back in February.

(After I’ve finished buying and wrapping Christmas presents, sent Christmas cards, fixed stuff that’s broken at home, done the laundry, read all the books on my syllabus for next semester, finished my syllabus for next semester, edited my own book to turn into Malarkey, gone to the DMV, the dentist, the eye doctor, caught up on submissions for the Bureau, rejiggered the queue for 2023, and slept…and whatever else comes up between now and then.)

You get the idea.

This is a labor of love, like most literary magazines these days. Thank you for your patience (and for continuing to support great complaining).

If your work has already been accepted – it’s still accepted. Just slightly delayed in making its debut.

If your work has been submitted, but you haven’t heard back yet – you will.

Best of luck with your own endless lists. Hug your beloveds. Let yourself take a break so you can do what needs to be done.

Happy Holidays.



Photo by Luna Lovegood.