Episode Two: Healthcare (Part One)

In which guest host, Angie Horn, joins us to complain about healthcare in the United States, among other related shitty things in American politics and norms.

Note: The Nixon tapes referenced in this episode record a conversation between John D. Ehrlichman and Nixon, where Erlichman mentions Edward Kaiser running his healthcare company for profit. The founder of Kaiser Permanente, Henry J. Kaiser, preceded Edward Kaiser by many years. We misstate that the founder was George Kaiser. George Kaiser is someone else entirely.

Also of note: Laura Jean apologizes for the many grumbles and sighs and sniffles in this episode. She needed more healthcare. Listen on iTunes.

Episode Three: Healthcare (Part Two)

In which we continue our conversation with Angie Horn about how much healthcare sucks in America by going deep on the commodification of humans since the founding of our country (hello slavery!), talk about why tech bros are assholes, idiots, etc., offer up the cautionary tale of Steve Ditko and how much objectivism sucks, get into the nitty gritty of how not having healthcare for long periods of time has affected our life choices, and so much more. Listen and subscribe on iTunes.

Note: This half is considerably saltier than the first half.