About the Bureau

The Bureau of Complaint is an online literary magazine for the unsatisfied. The world has had enough toxic positivity. We publish writing and other forms of art that voice the real and legitimate gripes of the present moment.

New work is posted every Monday.


LJ Pemberton is a writer / artist whose essays, poetry, and award-winning stories have been featured in the Los Angeles Review, Hobart, PANK, LEVEE, Cobalt, VICE, the Brooklyn Rail, the Northwest Review, Drunk Monkeys, Exacting Clam and elsewhere. She currently reviews fiction for Publishers Weekly. She holds an MFA from Columbia University and is formerly an assistant editor at NOON. Her novel, STILL ALIVE, will be published by MALARKEY BOOKS, February 2024. You can find her on twitter @ljabouttown and on instagram @ljaboutlit.

Image by Jan Eßer from Pixabay.