by Ginny Williams

I mean if I’m gonna lick your asshole the least you could do is hand me a
clean sex towel and good god holy fuck man not the corner of your
bedsheet that you haven’t changed in lord knows how long

And if you’re gonna finger me that long can we please fuck because I
don’t want to sext for three weeks with no game

Everyone knows the best friends with benefits are the young guys
because they’re not looking to settle down and I’m not looking to settle
down with them but we can still get naked and lick each other and cum
and then lay around in our sex telling jokes and stories

But the worst was when he tried to fuck me to prove something after I
already told him this wasn’t gonna work out and in the moment it was
kinda hot but afterwards I was like who is this guy thinking a good fuck
is all it takes because I need someone who knows how to pick up
milk from the grocery store and doesn’t freak out just because

At lunch the tall one took my broken watch and fixed it and I knew he’d
touch me the same when we got back to my place when my clothes
were pulled up over my head and at my ankles and I wasn’t wrong

I mean if we’re gonna fall in love let’s be honest about it and stop trying
to pretend we’re cool and just using each other for orgasms

Ginny Williams lives in Brooklyn, New York. This is her first publication.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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