Nominees: Best of the Net, 2021-2022


It’s 2022, man. I’m forty now. Nothing has turned out like I imagined and everything has been somehow both worse and more wonderful than I ever could have known.

Thank you for being a curmudgeonly writer and reader, like me. Thank you for making the Bureau into a writhing, pulsing, knock-your-socks-off online literary magazine.

A special congratulations to our nominees this year. IT WAS REALLY FREAKING HARD TO CHOOSE WHICH PIECES TO PUT FORTH, but I think you’ll find some gems here.

Y’all keep complaining. (Submissions open again on Monday.) xo, LJ


Complaint 63.5: D*CK by Sarp Sozdinler

Complaint 74.5: Prophecy by Brittany Menjivar


DIRTY CITY Column: Our Lady of the utterly bodied by Barbara Genova

Complaint 52.1: what the city will whisper by Katie Ferrari


Complaint 38.5: Two men now by Guillermo Rebollo Gil

Complaint 37.2: Saturday Night at the End of Civilization by R.S. Mengert

Complaint 48.2: Things I Have Done In The Months Since Your Death (From Most to Least Strange) by Hattie Jean Hayes

Complaint 50.8: …and the quest for the holy grail by Robert John Miller

Complaint 67.9: just me then by J.F. Gleeson

Complaint 70.4: a too-long list of pets my mother adopted and then sent away by Audrey Joy Carver


Complaint 40.7: Life Spins Around You by Michael Edward Supranowicz

Image by free stock photos from from Pixabay.

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