Complaint 62.6

Olly Lima Lima Yankee
by Colin Gee

He was a poet and playwright of middling success and a fiery fiend on the continuous wave (morse) ham radio revival of the mid-2050s and was horribly, so horribly alone. He heard us out there, he clicked in a sad calm pattern, an almost patented rhythm, in your shacks out there in the night giggling, flinging 88s to YLs and XYLs, and me look at me nobody ever gets close to me, it takes so much out of me to be always alone, it took so long to find someone, and when I did, then he died.

He clicked — Before he died, Oliver introduced me to saksuka.

He clacked — This is the anniversary of Oliver’s death. I miss him so much. I bought myself some grief crystals.

He pittered — Watching this film in HIS memory. Yes, Olly left me a list of movies to watch after he knew he was going to die of brain cancer. This is #32. Am pairing it with a tall Sex On The Beach bitches.

He clucked — A play of mine has been accepted into one of my dream journals. One of the characters is named Stuart but you all know who he really is.

He pattered — After Olly left I couldn’t continue reading them. I gave all of those books away like trash but sometimes I wish I could have continued because now I wonder what happened to Paul.

After his suicide we discovered that Oliver was a character he had made up, too, like Stuart.

The suicide transmission read: No disrespect to HIS memory but I think I am in love. I am so very happy right now! I think I can move on at last. RIP Olly Lima Lima Yankee?

Colin Gee is founder and editor of The Gorko Gazette, a humor daily that publishes headlines, cartoons, reviews, and poetry. Fiction in Misery Tourism, Expat Press, A Thin Slice of Anxiety, Bear Creek Gazette, Exacting Clam, and elsewhere. 

Image by tevyaw at Pixabay.

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