Complaint 58.7

Alternate Histories
by Avery Gregurich

Having tried late game heroics,
laxatives, the colorized release of
The Maltese Falcon, a series
of supply closet poker games, day
after coffee, a potent mixture of
nicotine patches and ayurvedic
teas, chicken shit bingo, newspaper
collage, partisan-branded phone
sex, several lawn care specialists,
at-home tonics from The Farmer’s
, a busted up Boy Scout
issue compass, both heartland
values and coastal ideals, I still could
not take the reenactor’s word that he
wouldn’t fire his cannon again.

Avery Gregurich is a writer living and working in Marengo, Iowa. He was raised next to the Mississippi River, and has never strayed too far from it.

Image by spencer at Pixabay.

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