Complaint 51.4

Deep Eddy
by Laura Titzer

Until Tito comes back
to break my mouth,

until the old club
binds my hands,

I’ll continue
to take the bitters.

Unsuitable elements infuse
with cognitive dissonance

while my hollows fill with bees
and ten thousand irons.

If my tongue gets chopped,
will I be silent?

If you are dismantled,
will my tongue be returned?

Laura Titzer lives on the native lands of the Coast Salish where Seattle, WA resides and is a writer, a lover of story, and constantly ablaze for learning, facilitation, and social change. She’s previously been published in Gastronomica, Kosmos, and A Growing Culture and is the author of “No Table Too Small.” She writes about social change, feminism, and decentering white dominant culture and lives in adoration with her partner, cat, and ferrets.

Image by Foundry from Pixabay.

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