Nominees: Best of the Net, 2020-2021


What a year to debut to the world! There was much to complain about and much to enjoy in the complaining.

Thank you to all our writers and artists and readers for exceeding our expectations of engagement and starting us off with a bang. A special congratulations to our nominees; you’ve earned it.

Truth be told though, I’m proud of every single piece we published this year, and I can’t wait to see what next year brings. Stay curmudgeonly (and send us your best!). cheers, LJ


Complaint 31.9: Open Mic Night at the Newly Renovated Old Quarter by John Waddy Bullion


Complaint 11.8: Fairweather by Caitlin Lilly

Complaint 9.1: We Need to Talk About Cate by Delaney Britt Brewer


Complaint 33.5: Poem for U.S. Layoffs from Dusty Rhodes’ “Hard Times” by Josh Shepard

Complaint 19.2: Planning application by Laurence Morris

Complaint 15.0: The Art of Complaint by Lori Levy

Complaint 12.1: A self-anthem for 2021: Dude, you need to stop writing about your coming out by Rae Theodore


Complaint 8.7: Ro’s Complaint by Ro Daniels


It has come to my attention that two of our nominees actually published after the eligibility cut-off for this year (June 30th), which means they are first in line for 2021-2022!!! Sincere apologies and please do check out their work – we’ll be highlighting it next year too:

Complaint 38.5: Two men now by Guillermo Rebollo Gil

Complaint 37.2: Saturday Night at the End of Civilization by R.S. Mengert

Image by Thanks for your Like • donations welcome from Pixabay

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